Meet three captive dolphins bred at Sea World


About 30 dolphins are kept captive at Sea World on the Gold Coast – most of them were bred there. Meet three of Sea World's captive dolphins and find out how we can make this the last generation of captive dolphins in Australia.

A life in 'lockdown' is no life for these highly intelligent creatures.

Meet Huey

Huey is a 14-year-old inshore bottlenose dolphin. All he has ever known are the small, barren pools at Sea World. 

Huey the dolphin at sea world

Meet Squeak

Squeak was born in 1984. Both her parents are dead and sadly she also lost two of her three calves.  

squeak the dolphin at sea world gold coast

Meet Kiama

Based on the expected lifespan of dolphins in captivity, Kiama could still be performing the same tricks in the Affinity Shows until about 2053.  

Kiama the dolphin at Sea World

Ending dolphin captivity

Together we can make Squeak, Huey and Kiama part of the last generation of captive dolphins in Australia by pledging to only see dolphins in the wild.  

Captive dolphins are unable to thrive in the artificial environments. These intelligent and incredibly social individuals suffer greatly from a lifelong existence in small, barren pools a fraction of the size of their natural home range

Together we can create a dolphin friendly future where dolphins are living wild and free – not in captivity.  

Images thanks to Advocating Wild / Dr Ingrid Visser 

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