Largest ever cattle shipment to Thailand

Largest ever cattle shipment to Thailand


The largest ever shipment of cattle to Thailand left our shores on March 1. It’s the second shipment to Thailand after the Australian government secured a health protocol agreement with the country late last year.

Thailand joins Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, and Cambodia to become yet another live export market opened or re-opened by this government.

None of these markets are known for their standards of animal welfare; indeed Iran is ranked by World Animal Protection’s Animal Protection Index as among the countries with the most room for improvement.

We’re appalled to see new routes continually being opened for this inherently cruel trade, a trade the majority of Australians want ended.

Still today, we’re receiving reports that out of any issue many MPs still receive the most correspondence due to live export concerns. Enough is enough, it’s time for the government to properly represent community wishes on this issue.

How many more Australian animals will be subjected to the stress and risks associated with sea voyages, uncertain conditions and treatment at their destinations?

How many more must suffer before the government realises that Australia would be economically better off and more Australians would be employed, if we processed our animals locally and exported chilled and frozen meat only?

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