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Kelly Slater once again joins the fight to protect dolphins


Surfing icon Kelly Slater adds his name to an open letter to urge Miami Seaquarium to close and release its captive animals to sanctuary.

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In 2021, Slater teamed up with World Animal Protection to deliver a Public Service announcement to raise awareness about the cruelty behind dolphin shows as part of our global campaign.

Now, the world-famous surfing champion is once again standing up for the original surfers of the sea by signing our open letter urging the CEO of The Dolphin Company, Eduardo Albor, to put an end to the suffering of animals in Miami Seaquarium. 

Our team in the US has been tirelessly campaigning against this dilapidated and cruel venue since 2019. This open letter comes not long after the announcement of the death of a sea lion named Bud, and the termination of the venue's lease due to repeated animal welfare violations.


The letter, in part, reads:

"You have the power and the ethical responsibility to close Miami Seaquarium for good and to ensure the animals suffering within its walls and tanks are released to sanctuaries, or where sanctuaries do not currently exist, to reputable facilities that do not force animals to perform or interact with visitors.

"For Sundance, Sushi, and Tokitae, it is too late. But you still have the chance to make sure not one more animal suffers under your watch."

Over the years, numerous scathing inspection reports from the United States Department of Agriculture, undercover accounts, and employee whistleblowers have made it clear that the venue is unable to care for the animals at its dilapidated facility and the animals need to be confiscated by the government or relinquished by The Dolphin Company.

Dolphin entertainment Miami Seaquarium

Lindsay Oliver, Executive Director, World Animal Protection US, said:

All of us at World Animal Protection extend our deepest appreciation to the compassionate celebrities who have lent their voices to our crucial call to end nearly 70 years of abhorrent animal cruelty at Miami Seaquarium.

The Dolphin Company has the power and ethical responsibility to grant the animals currently suffering at the Seaquarium the chance to live out the rest of their lives free from exploitation. Miami-Dade County’s bold stance sets a precedent for all exploitative wildlife venues to close their doors for good.

The tide is turning against the keeping of dolphins in captivity. Together, we can give dolphins a life worth living.

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Dolphins are intelligent and sociable wild animals. They belong in the ocean, not bred in captivity for entertainment.

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