You’re keeping the pressure on to end cruel live sheep export


Thanks to your support, we walked through the corridors of Parliament House in Canberra to demand an end date for the barbaric live sheep export trade.

Here’s an update from Ben Pearson, Country Director, World Animal Protection, on site:

With your strong support, we recently joined a delegation from the Australian Alliance for Animals at Parliament House to urge the Government to legislate a phase-out date for this inherently cruel trade.

Together, we had fifteen successful meetings with politicians, advisors, and government officials to represent two million supporters who are demanding a swift end to live sheep export.

For more than a decade, supporters like you and animal welfare organisations including World Animal Protection have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the immense suffering of Aussie sheep in live export.

While we commend the Government’s commitment to phasing out this cruel trade, it’s critical to ensure they legislate an end date during this term of parliament.

Thank you for continuing to keep the pressure on to end sheep suffering in the name of live export.

Together, we can end the suffering of Aussie sheep. Forever.

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Despite many years of public opposition and calls for change, Australia remains a significant player in the cruel live export industry.

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