It's not too late to make a New Year's resolution for animals


The New Year is a time to make changes, but resolutions can be very difficult to stick to. Whether or not you've kept to your commitments so far, it's not too late to help move the world for animals.

Every year, billions of animals worldwide suffer needlessly. Chickens and cows are factory farmed in appalling conditions, elephants are beaten so they’ll take tourists for rides and dolphins spend their lives in small chlorinated pools to entertain visitors.

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives. But here are five great ways you can help us make a difference for animals in 2024.

1. Don’t support entertainment that harms animals

Tourists watch wild elephant from distance

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animals’ lives. We've put together some tips to help you and your friends make informed decisions about animal experiences on your holiday. Read our tips for animal-friendly travel. 

2. Create change for chickens

Chicken on farmCredit: Misssheep

Forced to live in horrific conditions, billions of chickens across the world experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives. We believe industry can help change this, so we’re challenging KFC to sign the Better Chicken Commitment which will see slower growing birds with more space, litter and natural light to allow for a better quality of life. Support our campaign to create change for chickens.

3. Volunteer to help animals 


Meet like-minded people, do something different and help create a world where animals live without suffering. You don’t need any experience to take part, just lots of energy and enthusiasm! The volunteering could consist of: beach cleans, being a voice for animals at peaceful protests or helping at festivals. Join hundreds of passionate volunteers today

4. Become an Animal Protector 

Bear at sanctuary

You can help us protect animals around the world by pledging a monthly gift. Your donation could help fund ground-breaking investigations and research that exposes animal suffering, save animals affected by natural disasters, or support campaigns that force change for animals.

5. Eat less meat and consume fewer animal products

Plant based meal

We know that eating less meat is better for farm animals, the planet and our health. A more responsible approach to eating meat can make a huge difference to your life and the lives of billions of factory-farmed animals. If more people started eating a little less, and higher welfare, meat each week, they could help the billions of animals who are factory farmed every year. Join the Plant Protein Challenge today. 

How will you commit to help animals in 2024? 

Support us

Your support is key to bringing an end to animal suffering across the world.

Add your voice

Take action today by signing our petitions and pledging to make animal-friendly choices.

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