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How you're helping kangaroos


We're closer and closer to helping end the slaughter of wild kangaroos thanks to the support of more than 45,000 animal lovers in the Netherlands.

Kangaroos are killed in the wild for their meat that is sold for both human and pet food consumption and their skin to be used in clothing and sporting products. It is the largest land-based slaughter of wildlife in the world. 

From hats to shoes, skates and pet food, as well as kangaroo meat in wholesalers and restaurants, the Netherlands is one of the largest importers. 

To reduce this demand, our Dutch office asked more than 45,000 animal lovers signed our petition, and soon after things began to change for the better. 

Bol.com stops with kangaroo

Last year, on World Kangaroo Day, we launched the first-ever campaign targeting  online retailer bol.com. The web store soon informed us that they had added the kangaroo to their animal welfare policy, which means that they no longer sell products that contain kangaroo. Thank you for giving kangaroos a voice!

Springende kangoeroes

Viking skates without kangaroo leather

But Bol.com wasn't the only one, smaller retailers also started to turn against kangaroo cruelty. And after you helped us highlight that the skate manufacturer Viking used contain kangaroo leather, there was even more good news. The skate brand indicated that it would stop producing skates made of kangaroo leather and only use alternatives in their new collection. Hurrah!

Springende kangoeroes

Kangaroo meat less popular

Seven large meat wholesalers removed kangaroo meat from the shelves, such as Euromeat and Horeca Vleescentrum Maarssen. Supermarkets Sligro, Lidl and Jumbo removed recipes with kangaroo meat from their website and several restaurants removed the kangaroo from the menu. And it's all thanks to you! 

Springende kangoeroes

What is next?

Together we're moving the world to end kangaroo exploitation. We've joined the International Kangaroo Protection Alliance to amplify our protection efforts. And we are far from done. We'll continue to hold talks with companies to stop the slaughter of kangaroos. Moreover, at policy level, partly due to our efforts, a motion has been passed to address a European import ban on kangaroo products within the European Commission!

Kangaroos are recognised worldwide as an iconic Australian species. Together we are protecting these wild animals from commercial slaughter.

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