Highlights you helped make possible in 2017

Highlights you helped make possible in 2017


There were many wins for animals in need this year because of your support.

Around the world, we saved animals in disasters, protected dogs in communities and worked to end the cruelty experienced by wild animals in entertainment. None of this would have been possible without you. 

Wild animals had you looking out for them

  • You helped the construction of two night enclosures at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), our partner in Thailand, begin. The sanctuary rescues elephants from abuse in the tourist entertainment industry.
  • You also helped sterilise all known bears used for bile in South Korea, signalling the end of this horrifically cruel industry in the country.
  • Closer to home, your support for dolphins held in captivity for entertainment convinced NRMA, Virgin Australia, Tigerair and Qantas to stop promoting Dolphin Marine Magic venue to their customers.
  • You helped remove 7,702 square metres of illegal abandoned fishing nets from the Gulf of Mexico, the home of the critically endangered vaquita porpoise.
  • One of the biggest social media sites, Instagram was moved by 250,000+ signatures around the world to educate its users around the suffering wildlife selfies can cause to animals. 

Thanks to you, there was hope for animals in the worst moments

  • When Hurricane Irma tore across the Caribbean, closely followed by Hurricane Maria, your support meant our teams could deploy to the hardest hit islands to care for the animals. They were injured, confused and hungry. You helped tend to their wounds, provide food and reunite them with their owners for more than 50,000+ animals in need.
  • You helped deliver lifesaving emergency nutrition packs animals in Mongolia battling through the dzud, the harsh winter following a severe summer drought. Your help directly benefited 144,400+ sheep, goats, cows and horses. Without you, many would have perished of starvation.

With your support, countless farm animals will lead better lives

  • Your support is giving 250,000 pigs a better life as Betagro, one of Thailand’s leading pig producers, announced it will phase out two types of cruel and confining cages for mother pigs across its farms by 2027.
  • And you’re helping 430,000 dairy cows and buffaloes by convincing India’s third largest dairy company, Kwality Dairy India, to commit to our Dairy Welfare Leadership Alliance.

You’re empowering people and dogs to live happily and safely side by side

  • Vaccination drives in both Sierra Leone and Kenya, helped to create herd immunity from rabies, protecting dogs and people from the deadly disease.
  • You also helped build and run a brand-new vet clinic and rehabilitation centre for our partner Save the Dogs in Romania. Save the Dogs helps vulnerable dogs rescued from the streets and in the new clinic they will have the proper space and hygiene standards they need.

Thank you for your continuing support that is helping to protect countless animals around the world.

Thank you for your continuing support is helping to protect countless animals around the world.

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