Helping Australia’s animals recover


Australia is currently experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe. Bushfires have raged for months causing mass devastation to animal populations and habitats.

World Animal Protection goes wherever the need is greatest for animals and, in Australia, the need is great.

Rest assured, World Animal Protection will be supporting the recovery efforts of our precious wildlife, pets and farm animals.

For more than half a century, we’ve helped millions of pets, farm and wild animals in 270 disaster responses in over 80 different countries. And now, it’s time for action to protect vulnerable animals. This time, right here in Australia.

How World Animal Protection will help protect Australian animals

World Animal Protection goes wherever the need is greatest for animals and, in Australia, the need is great. However, with an event of this magnitude, our response must be carefully considered, based on thorough and ongoing assessment.

Disaster response requires the coordinated effort of a range of emergency services, responding in dangerous conditions. As a global organisation with more than 50 years’ experience working in Disaster Management around the world, we know a considered response means more lives – humans and animals – will be saved.

We have been evaluating how best to apply our global Disaster Management expertise to support the recovery effort, focusing on developing longer-term recovery initiatives that will be required in the coming weeks, months and years.

This may include partnering with other groups on the ground, supporting disaster evacuation planning, disaster response training and, lobbying government for the establishment of a national office for the coordination of animal welfare in disasters.

Everything is on the table as all support agencies continue to define the most appropriate recovery initiatives for Australia.

Every animal deserves a life without suffering. Together, we can give them that life.


(Image Credit: Peter Tremain)

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