Five quick questions with vet Kate Blaszak

Five quick questions with vet Kate Blaszak


Melbourne-based Kate Blaszak is Global Farm Animals Advisor for World Animal Protection.

With her background as a vet, Kate’s technical support makes her vital in our work to improve the lives of farm animals around the world. She has more than 15 years’ animal welfare advocacy and technical experience.

Previously, Kate has provided advice for our campaigns to improve the lives of dogs and working donkeys, worked on policy, and worked to include welfare in veterinary education in Asia.


We caught up with Kate to find out more about how her work benefits farm animals around the world.

What inspired you to join World Animal Protection?

I've been working with World Animal Protection for more than 10 years. I first joined the organisation for the opportunity to work in places where animal welfare was the lowest of priorities, and yet of greatest need. Also, working with so many likeminded people, who remain committed to animal welfare, continues to be inspiring and exciting.

What do you do at World Animal Protection?

I provide technical and strategic support to World Animal Protection’s farm animal campaigns around the world. I also manage our work with Betagro, one of Thailand's largest pig and poultry producers. Part of my work in Thailand is helping convince Thai people to buy more humanely produced pork.

How does the work you do help move the world to protect animals?

The authoritative technical support and scientific backing I provide helps us move people around the world to take action for animals; while involving all stakeholders in the farm animal industry. It makes our campaigns realistic, impactful, and encourages support. In 2016, our Betagro partnership improved the welfare of more than 60 million farm animals.

What have you been most proud of while working here?

I'm proud to represent World Animal Protection on the International Committee for Animal Welfare (ICFAW). The ICFAW is a committee that represents global animal welfare organisations and lobbies and provides comment to OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health). I enjoy this opportunity to directly input on a global 'perch' alongside many others.

What are you working on at the moment?

Researching and contributing to our upcoming work for pigs around the world – something I'm very happy to see emerge. I’m also working towards the launch of Thailand's first campaign to improve the welfare of farm animals. This has been developed by Thai people, themselves. And I'm focusing on the global meat chicken campaign to make sure our work to improve the lives of chickens is as effective and innovative as possible and based on the latest science.

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