Australian Sheep by Jo Anne McArthur and We Animals Media

End live sheep export law introduced into Parliament


The law to ban the live export of sheep by sea was introduced into parliament today. This is the next important step in ending the cruel trade of live sheep export by 1 May 2028.

Images credit: Jo-Anne McArthur /  We Animals Media

Enshrining the ban in law will mean live sheep will no longer be exported from Australia for slaughter overseas - forever. With you by our side, we’ll continue to advocate that the Government ensures this transition prioritises the welfare of our sheep as the legislation moves through parliament.   

For more than a decade, compassionate supporters like you have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the immense suffering of millions of sheep in the live export trade alongside animal welfare organisations including World Animal Protection.  

Millions of Australian sheep have suffered the horrors of live export voyages over the past decades. Time and again, it has been demonstrated that there is no way the industry can operate with acceptable animal welfare standards, and a ban was the only option. 

We welcome the transition plan of $107 million over 5 years for sheep producers but also call for additional investment in Australian-grown humane and sustainable plant-based protein options that will create economic growth and jobs. 

This historic day for Australian sheep wouldn’t have been possible without your support. 


Thank you for standing side by side with millions of Australian sheep. 

Sheep on live export vehicle

Live export

Despite years of public opposition and calls for change, Australia remains a significant player in the cruel live export industry.

Calf at a dairy farm, Sri Lanka. Credit: Amy Jones / Moving Animals

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