Ellie rescued

Ellie saved thanks to you


Great news! We’re happy to announce that thanks to our supporters, Ellie the dancing bear has been saved from a life of torment.

Six-year-old Ellie was poached from the wild when she was a cub and sold on the black market into a life of suffering. Her owner cruelly trained her to stand up on her hind legs and ‘dance’ in time to music in exchange for money from passers-by.

But with your help, Ellie (now re-named Gemma to mark the start of her new life) has been brought to live in peace at our bear sanctuary in Pakistan.

Along with our partner the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), we convinced her owner to surrender her in exchange for help setting up an alternative, cruelty-free way of earning a living to support his family. He now runs a general store in his neighbourhood, has signed an agreement never to own another bear, and most importantly, has released Ellie from her life of misery.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, newly-named Gemma underwent a thorough health check by the sanctuary’s expert vets. She was put under anaesthetic so that her metal nose ring could be removed painlessly and the sore wound where it had pierced her skin was gently cleaned and treated.

As soon as she awoke from sedation, hungry Gemma gobbled down two whole loaves of bread – a sure sign that she’s in good health.

Sanctuary staff are keeping a close eye on Gemma in the quarantine area, along with other recently rescued bears, where she is adjusting to her new surroundings and appears to be calm and contented.

Once she’s fully recovered, she’ll be released in to the main enclosure to meet the other rescued bears and explore the shrubs, trees and pools of the sanctuary.

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