Elephants at Sonboon elephant sanctuary

Elephant rescue in Thailand: Meet the newest Somboon Legacy resident


Our partners at Somboon Legacy Foundation rescued and welcomed a new member to their elephant safe haven.

The newest member of the Somboon Legacy elephant herd Kham Phaeng suffered for decades in heavy chains for tourist entertainment before her rescue.

The sweet elephant experienced horrific cruelty during her time in the wildlife tourism industry that left her blind in one eye and also resulted in her losing all her teeth. Kham Phaeng would have been sent away by her owners. 

Thank you for supporting genuine elephant sanctuaries and elephant-friendly venues like the Somboon Legacy Foundation for vulnerable animals who need a safe place to call home.

Watch Kham Phaeng enjoy a dust bath at her new sanctuary home.

Kham Phaeng was welcomed with plenty of fresh papaya, pineapple and watermelon on her first night in her new home. She is settling in well and has grown very close to her mahout, her human companion who takes care of her every need and also accompanies her during her swims to keep her safe.

Kham Phaeng has also made friends with fellow elephants Malee and Kammoon. They love sharing meals with her, especially fresh grass and fruit. They’ve even taught her how to protect her skin from the sun with a refreshing dust bath.

Together, we can make this the last generation of elephants to be exploited for entertainment.

Elephant riding at Mason Elephant Park. Credit: Andito Wasi / World Animal Protection

End elephant suffering

Call on Mason Elephant Park and Lodge to end the captive breeding of elephants and the cruel interactions for tourist entertainment.

Elephant used for riding at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Elephant rides

Today, more than 3,000 elephants are being used and abused to entertain tourists and visitors across Asia.

Elephant at Thailand zoo

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You can help give elephants the chance to live out their lives in a calm, peaceful environment.

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