Dutch e-commerce giant stops selling kangaroo products


Thanks to our supporters, Dutch e-commerce giant, Bol.com has decided to stop selling kangaroo products and has committed to updating its animal welfare policy.

More than 18,500 passionate people signed our petition calling on Bol.com to end the sale of products from kangaroo hunting. Thank you.  

The decision means that hats, football boots, ice skates and pet food made from kangaroo skin and meat will no longer be offered for sale through the online store.  

Sanne Kuijpers, our Wild Animals Campaign Manager said:  

“We are extremely happy with the step that Bol.com is taking. This shows leadership, proves that animal welfare really matters, and helps consumers make more conscious choices. We hope other companies will follow this fantastic example.”

The Netherlands is one of the largest importers of kangaroo products. The meat ends up in restaurants, at butchers or is processed into pet food. And the leather is used to make skates, shoes, hats and other fashion items.  

Kangaroo hunting causes enormous animal suffering. About 1.6 million wild kangaroos in Australia are shot for their meat and skin every year. Many of the shots fired are not immediately fatal, leaving the kangaroos to die a slow, painful death or be permanently maimed.  

Young kangaroos are either left helpless or beaten to death because they are not profitable in this industry. In the 10 years between 2000 and 2009, an estimated eight million joeys perished as “collateral damage” from hunting. 

But the tide is turning against kangaroo products. Bol.com joins other retail brands including Delhaize, Carrefour, Makro and Spar who have already stopped offering kangaroo skin and meat products.   

Recently, Kiezebrink, BB Quality and Boomsma decided to follow suit after being contacted by World Animal Protection about the cruelty of kangaroo hunting. 

Now it’s time to ask other companies to follow the example of Bol.com and call on them to also remove kangaroo products from their range. 

Together, we’re making a difference for kangaroos.  

Thanks to you support, Bol.com is no longer contributing to the largest commercial slaughter of land-dwelling wild mammals on earth. 

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