Do you want to trek to see elephants?

12 February 2019

Nine lucky animals lovers are coming to Thailand to see something truly amazing: elephants living safe from suffering!

Our Elephant-Friendly adventure begins in Khao Yai National Park—the oldest in Thailand – walking through dense, enveloping jungle, on the lookout deer, gibbons and maybe even wild elephants.

As we make our way through northern Thailand, we’ll visit a former elephant camp that’s transformed the lives of elephants for the better by working with World Animal Protection to become elephant-friendly.

Before spending time volunteering at a sanctuary that shows elephant-friendly experiences are possible, without forcing cruel interactions.

Best of all, our amazing adventurers will be joining World Animal Protection in our mission to end animal cruelty and keep wild animals in the wild where they belong.

What is included in the Elephant-Friendly Adventure? 

This trip is nothing short of amazing and we’ll be; 

  • Trekking in the jungle in search of wildlife and hidden photo-worthy waterfalls 

  • Volunteering at an ethical elephant venue to clean, prepare food, and other activities depending on the sanctuary’s greatest need at the time 

  • Spending lots of time observing and learning about the elephants in Thailand 

  • Eating lots of delicious Thai cuisine

  • Helping move the world to protect animals


How can you be elephant-friendly on your holiday? 

What is in a name: Don't be fooled by calling themselves a sanctuary. If you can ride, wash or watch an elephant do a show it means they have been cruelly trained. Look before you book and ensure the venue is observation only. 
Look but don't touch: Elephants are wild animals and belong in the wild. Only cruel training allows humans to interact with them for rides, bathing or shows. Only visit venues where you can look but not touch the elephants. 

Let the elephants be elephants: Wild elephants like to spend their days roaming large distances. Only visit venues that allow elephants to move freely and express natural behaviours - while keeping the elephants and you safe. 

Keeping elephants and people safe: As wild animals, captive elephants can still be dangerous and unpredictable. Even at elephant-friendly venues, you'll see mahouts monitoring the people and elephants at a distance to keep both safe. 

Two wild asian elephants in Udawalawa National Park in Sri Lanka – World Animal Protection

Best of all, as part of this amazing adventure, you’ll be joining World Animal Protection in our mission to end animal cruelty and keep wild animals in the wild where they belong.