The cruel sounds of factory farming


Do you know what suffering sounds like? All day, every day factory-farmed animals are subjected to distressing sounds and sensations. Fast food retailers and supermarkets don't want you to know, but we're exposing the suffering.

This is life for 50 billion factory-farmed animals worldwide


Put headphones on and watch our video. Experience the disorienting horror of life on a factory farm. You can escape it, but these animals can't. 

This is life for 50 billion factory-farmed animals worldwide. In factory farms, billions of chickens face unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives. This is animal cruelty.  

Forget the slogans. Forget the catchy jingles. Forget the clever advertising. Businesses are exploiting and abusing animals on a staggering scale for the sake of profit.

We're dedicated to improving the lives of as many of the world's 50 billion factory-farmed animals as possible. Join us and take a stand. Demand that big businesses do better for animals.Your donation could help end factory farming today.