Bitterly disappointing day for greyhounds in NSW


In July NSW Premier, Mike Baird announced a landmark decision to ban greyhound racing in the state.

The decision to ban greyhound racing was morally motivated given the overwhelming evidence of systemic cruelty presented by the Special Commission. The Special Commission of Inquiry report highlighted brutal animal welfare practices including high rates of injury, widespread live baiting and mass killing of healthy dogs.

Today’s decision to reverse the greyhound racing ban is politically motivated. The greyhound industry has had the opportunity to reform in the past and failed miserably to do so. The key changes proposed by the greyhound industry fail to protect thousands of racing greyhounds from injury.

On behalf of the greyhounds in NSW we are bitterly disappointed with today’s announcement to reverse the greyhound racing ban. We oppose the cruel exploitation of animals for gaming and entertainment. 

This decision puts NSW out of step with international progress on animal welfare.

The original decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW was the right one for the dogs. You can show your support for greyhounds by writing to the Premier now.

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