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Best plant-based options at fast-food restaurants


It's simple to eat more plant-based food at home, but what are your choices when eating out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for some of the most common fast-food restaurants.

Here are just some of the fast-food restaurants offering plant-based, vegetarian or vegan options.

Betty’s Burgers & Co 

  • Betty’s Classic Vegan 
  • Shroom Burger 


  • Smokey Pulled Jackfruit 
  • Vegetarian Supreme 


  • Vegan Firebreather 
  • Vegan Godfather 
  • Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread 


  • Build Your Own Burger (with Garden Goodness Pattie, Pea & Hemp Pattie, or “Vegan” Beyond Beef Pattie) 
  • Vegan Cheeseburger 

Guzman y Gomez 

  • Build your own Burrito, Nachos or Tacos and choose sautéed vegetables with Guacamole as your filling.  

Hungry Jack’s 

  • Vegan Cheeseburger 
  • Rebel Whopper  
  • Vegan Brekky Muffins 

Lord of the Fries 



  • Veggie Burger on a Wholemeal or Portuguese Roll 
  • Veggie Pita 
  • Veggie Wrap 

Mad Mex  

  • Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan Chicken (Limited time only) 
  • Build your own Tacos, Nachos or Burrito with Veggie Rancheros as the filling 


  • Vegan Burger 
  • Vegan Rappa 
  • Vegan Salad  

Pizza Hut  

  • Vegan Margherita  
  • Vegan Cheese lovers  
  • Vegan Deluxe  
  • Vegan Mediterranean  
  • Vegan Mediterranean personal pan  

Ribs & Burgers  

  • Beyond Old School Cheese  
  • Fable Mushroom Burger  
  • Vegan Beyond Burger  
  • Vegan Fable Mushroom Burger  


  • Veggie Delite with Avo  
  • Veggie Patty  


  • Build your own Tacos, Nachos or Burrito with Cauliflower as the filling and add vegan Sour Cream and Cheese.  

If your favourite fast-food restaurant doesn’t have a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan option, ask them to add some. 

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Join the Plant Protein Challenge

You can commit to swapping meat for plant-based protein for just three days a week over 10 weeks. And we’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

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Call on KFC to offer kinder menu options

Call on KFC to add a permanent plant-based alternative to their menu nationwide.

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