Bears enjoy a special treat at Balkasar Bear Sanctuary

Bears enjoy a special treat at Balkasar Bear Sanctuary


Dried fruit and nut day is no ordinary day for bears at the Balkasar Bear Sanctuary. It’s a day of pure indulgence and joy for our furry friends. Watch them devour their favourite treats.

Image credit: Madeeha Manzoor / BRC

In the heart of the Balkasar Bear Sanctuary, a sense of anticipation hung in the air as the bears eagerly waited for one of their caretakers, Hazrat Ali, to bring in their very special delivery of dried fruits and nuts.

The caretaker is aware of the significance of this day for the bears, so he takes care to carefully measure portions of dried fruits and nuts to give each one their fair share.

He then tosses the mix over the fence, sending the bears on a thrilling quest to find every morsel of the treats. The mix included an assortment of delicious plum, apricot, fig, dates, coconuts, raisins, peanuts, and walnuts.

Bears enjoy a special treat at Balkasar Bear Sanctuary

Dried fruit and nut day is a real spectacle, filled with excitement and wonder. But there's so much more to it than just fun and games.

These yummy treats are essential for the bears' health, packed with vital vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients that contribute to their overall well-being.

So, not only do our furry friends get to enjoy a scrumptious snack, but they're also becoming healthy and strong.

Bears enjoy a special treat at Balkasar Bear Sanctuary

Balkasar Bear Sanctuary, supported by World Animal Protection and the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), provides a safe haven for rescued bears. The resident bears have been rescued from cruel practices like bear baiting and bear dancing.

With you by our side, we can make a real difference in providing care and protection for animals in need.  

Bear dancing in Pakistan

Breaking the cruel cycle of dancing bears

You helped to rescue bears in South Korea, Romania, Vietnam and China, and played a hugely important role in our quest to improve attitudes towards animal welfare across the world.

Bear baiting in Pakistan

Ending bear baiting

We worked to stop bears being cruelly exploited in bear baiting – an inhumane bloodsport where bears, unable to defend themselves, battle against trained dogs for entertainment.

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