Cam the bear rescued from bear bile farm Nguyen Van Tuyen

Bear rescued from cruel bear bile farm in Vietnam


Thanks to your support, an illegally captive, Asiatic black bear named Cam has been rescued from the horrific abuse of bear bile farming in Hai Phong province in Vietnam.

World Animal Protection, Four Paws and Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) came together with local authorities for the rescue to ensure Cam could live out the rest of his life at a sanctuary run by Four Paws International in Ninh Binh, just south of Hanoi.

Roughly six years old, Cam was kept in a narrow, steel cage measuring 1x1.2 metres wide and 1.5 metres high, making it extremely difficult for him to move around. There was no space or enrichment for him, and he was fed a poor diet that did not provide the nutrients he needed to live a healthy life. 

Maya Pastakia, Global Campaign Manager – Wildlife, Not Medicine, at World Animal Protection said:

Despite the strides made to end bear farming in Vietnam, hundreds of bears are still suffering a horrific and tortuous life in captivity for their bile. This bear was kept in a tiny cage, which is typical of the way many of these bears are forced to live their lives. Their cages are small, cramped and barren, not much larger than a telephone booth, causing extreme physical and psychological suffering.

“The government of Vietnam must close all remaining legal loopholes once and for all to end the barbaric and illegal practice of bear bile farming.”


World Animal Protection is working in collaboration with Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) and Four Paws International and are calling on the provincial leaders of provinces involved in bear bile farming to take immediate and effective action to expedite an end to bear bile farming - a practice which is illegal in the country.

Dung Nguyen, Education For Nature – Vietnam said:

“ENV welcomes the determination and efforts of the city government of Hai Phong to completely end the situation of keeping bears for bile in the city. The fast and decisive handling of the Hai Phong city government for bear-related violations will help the city soon end the situation of keeping bears in the city.”

Barbara van Genne at FOUR PAWS International says: 

“We are thrilled that bear Cam will be joining the 41 other rescued bears at our sanctuary in Ninh Binh. Bear bile farming is extremely cruel and bears rescued from these farms are often psychologically scarred. But this is one more bear that can live out the rest of his life in peace, free from the pain and suffering previously inflicted on him. 

For over 15 years, World Animal Protection and other partnering NGOs have worked with the Vietnamese government, fighting to end the cruel practice of bear bile farming and protect the small population of bears remaining in the wild. Collective efforts have resulted in a 91% reduction in the number of bile bears in Vietnam, from 4,300 bears recorded in 2005 to 369 bears on farms today.

“The government of Vietnam must close all remaining legal loopholes once and for all to end the barbaric and illegal practice of bear bile farming.

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