World Animal Protections disaster management team in bushfire affected areas south of Sydney assessing the impact of the fires

You helped a baby brushtail possum named Ash


UPDATE: Here’s a little “possummary” of how you’re still helping Aussie animals following the devastating bushfires.

Meet Ash (left) and her unnamed best friend (right). Ash is a baby brushtail possum. She was rescued by NARG (Native Animal Rescue Group) after her mum was killed in the recent bushfires.

Brushtail possum infants from bushfires 2020 – Ash and friend

At the time of her rescue she weighed just 136 grams but, thanks to her carer Miriam, Ash now weights 236 grams! While she isn’t eating solids just yet, Ash recently escaped her poach and snuck a taste of a date and loved it. Bit naughty, but that’s okay.

And, despite what you think, her name is inspired by something really positive. She’s named after Ash Barty because she is such a strong fighter. Go the Aussie spirit!

World Animal Protection has provided food and materials to help NARG care for rescued animals, just like Ash, and rebuild their lives after the fires.

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Protecting animals from bushfires

The Australian bushfires in 2019-20 impacted the lives of over three billion animals by either killing, severely injuring, or displacing them.

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