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Ask your MP to Ban Battery Cages


Nine million hens need your help. You can help chickens by calling or email your State MP and asking them to support a phase-out of battery cages. 

Soon, Agricultural Ministers from across Australia will gather to consider an update to the standards and guidelines for Poultry which have not been updated since the early 2000s. They will be considering a potential phase-out of cruel battery cages. 

We’ve put together some key talking points to help you have this conversation, as well as information on how to find your MP’s contact details:

What to say on the phone or in your email:

  • Let them know your name and tell them that you live in THEIR electorate – it’s important they know you’re one of the people they directly represent.
  • Tell them why you’re calling and why you want them to support an end to battery cages.

Points to draw on could include:

  • Tell them more than 9 million hens are suffering in these cages.
  • Tell them Australia and NSW are falling behind the EU and NZ on banning battery cages.
  • Between 3 and 8 hens are crammed in a single cage – this leaves them without room to flap their wings, dust bathe or perform other natural behaviours. It’s no life for these intelligent and social animals.
  • Each hen lives in a space smaller than an A4 piece of paper.
  • These social animals suffer both physically and mentally in these cages.
  • Hens are painfully debeaked without anaesthetic.
  • Battery hens live for one-tenth of their life expectancy before they’re killed.
  • Ask them if they’ll raise it within their party and encourage others to speak in support.

How to locate your local member:

You can find who your local member on the NSW Parliament web page.
This lists all lower house members – simply search for your state electorate.

Thank you for helping to set hens free.

(Header Image Credit: WSPA/gravedangerphotography)

You can do something to help chickens by calling or email your State MP and asking them to support a phase-out of battery cages.

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