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5 ways to enjoy an animal-friendly holiday season


With the holiday season approaching, here are five simple things you can consider to ensure you’re doing the right thing by animals.

1. Choose a cruelty- free Christmas feast!

Everyone loves Christmas lunch or dinner, whether it be a casual Aussie barbie or a more traditional meal. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Christmas without cruelty and  there's no better way to encourage friends and family to make kinder choices for animals than by showing them just how easy meat-free can be.

2. Be an animal-friendly traveller

Summer is the ideal time for a relaxing getaway. Whether it’s a week in Bali, Thailand or on the Gold Coast, we recommend seeing wild animals in the wild and avoiding captive wildlife parks.For example, those featuring elephant shows and rides; tiger shows, walks and selfies; or dolphin shows and swims. Remember, wild animals are wildlife, not entertainers.

3. Give an animal-friendly Christmas gift

When choosing gifts, avoid giving tickets to events or activities that involve captive wild animals, which involve (often unseen) cruelty and do not have the animals’ best interests. And avoid skincare and cosmetics products that have been tested on animals.

4. Adopt don’t shop

Taking on a pet is a big commitment. We recommend giving it careful consideration. If you have made the choice to welcome a new family member, remember to “adopt don’t shop”. Avoid pet shops as they sometimes source dogs from disreputable puppy farms. Instead, rehome a rescue animal from your local animal shelter.

5. Give a World Animal Gift

By purchasing a World Animal Gift, you can use your Christmas spending money to make a loved one happy AND help animals in need! Whether it’s by saving dogs from rabies or helping rescued bears, we use your gifts where they can do the most good. And the kindness of your gesture will also delight your family and friends and leave everyone with a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Warmest wishes for the festive season! 

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