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Thank you for being a voice for Australian sheep!

Image credit: Jo Anne McArthur and We Animals Media

By adding your name, you’ve brought us closer to a world where Australian sheep are no longer forced to suffer on long, cruel voyages at sea. Together we can end their suffering. Forever.  

Please share this with your family and friends because if more people add their voices to this cause, we will have a better chance of ending this cruel industry as quickly as possible.

Can we ask you to do one more thing? Please give generously to support work taking place to improve the lives of animals in Australia and around the world.

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Staff at a layer hens protest, Sydney, Australia

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Calf at a dairy farm, Sri Lanka. Credit: Amy Jones / Moving Animals

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Factory farming traps farmed animals in an endless cycle of abuse and cruelty. This tragedy will only worsen as demand for meat grows globally.

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