Piglet in the water

Download your piglet screensaver

Image credit: Forest Simon / Unsplash

Piglets are incredibly smart, sensitive, and charismatic animals.

Did you know that pigs are as playful as domesticated dogs? They’re said to have the intelligence of a three-year-old child and even enjoy listening to music.

Download one of these cute piglet photos offered to you by World Animal Protection, to use as a screensaver on your computer or wallpaper on your phone. Click on the download button below the image. Enjoy!


Screensavers for your computer:


Piglet on a farm

Desktop screensaver

A treated pig in Cape Verde

One of the 25 pigs that we provided medication and treatment for, in Cabo Monte. Our disaster response team has deployed to Cabo Verde - based on their assessment they have proposed intervention after Fogo Island ("fire" island in Portuguese), has seen nearly constant volcanic eruptions from Pico do Fogo since November 23.

Piglets on farm

Desktop screensaver

Two piglets in Lokopu, Vanuatu

Two piglets in Lokopui. Epi Island, Vanuatu. World Animal Protection visited Vanuatu to help animals affected by Cyclone Pam which struck on March 13, 2015

Wallpapers for your phone:

Piglet in straw

Mobile wallpaper

Young pig foraging in the straw at the FAI Model Farm in Wytham, UK.

Piglet in staff member's arms

Mobile wallpaper

Pictured: HSA Campaign Officer Daniel Cruz holding a piglet. (These photos are from an undisclosed location in Latin America).

Piglet in straw

Mobile wallpaper

At the Food Animal Initiative (FAI) farm in Wytham, UK, Piglets are kept in a more natural environment and providing them with a diet of both forage and grain, able to exhibit normal pig behaviour, keep busy and have less of an urge to compete with each other. Image Credit: WSPA