Take action for pigs

Most processed pork in our supermarkets, such as bacon and ham, comes from pigs farmed overseas. This includes from countries like the United States that keep mother pigs in cages for most of their lives.

But most ham and bacon labels won’t tell you that.

You can help uncover #MysteryPork and demand better food label transparency.

Next time you do your shopping, look at the labelling on the ham and bacon.

If you see a package that doesn’t clearly specify which country the pork is from, or one that lists either Europe or North America, take a photo and post it to social media using the hashtag #MysteryPork or upload it below.

Be sure to mention whichever supermarket you bought it from e.g. Woolworths or Aldi.

Mystery pork isn't good for mother pigs and it isn’t good for you. Join us and show the government clear country of origin labels matter to you by signing our pigs petition