Leave a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will

The way you feel about animals is personal. They play a very important part in your life, especially your pets.

As an animal lover you care about all kinds of animals and don’t want to see them in pain or needlessly suffering.

Through bequests, we have made inroads for the protection of animals. The next step is to end animal cruelty once and for all. That’s where you can help.

By leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will, you’ll help us to move the world to protect animals by:

  • Influencing the decisions people make that affect animals on a global scale
  • Helping people understand how protecting animals is fundamental to their lives
  • Helping people act in a sustainable and practical ways that will benefit animals.

How do I leave a bequest to World Animal Protection in my Will?

If you have decided to support the work of World Animal Protection with a gift in your Will, thank you.

You will now need to see your solicitor to make a Will and also to appoint an executor, the person who will make sure your wishes are followed.

Of course, if you wish to make a change or addition to your Will, it is considered best practice to effect changes by getting a new Will drafted by your solicitor. You will need to decide which of the following kinds of gift you wish to make to World Animal Protection in your Will:

Residuary bequest

Once you have provided for your loved ones, you can leave the remainder of your estate to World Animal Protection. This is the best way to make sure your bequest is inflation proof because you do not need to put a precise value on your gift.

Pecuniary bequest

This is when you make a gift of a specific sum of money to World Animal Protection.

Specific bequest

Alternatively, you may wish to leave a very specific gift item to World Animal Protection, such as a house, or other personal effect.

Find out more

World Animal Protection has produced the booklet “How you can leave the world a better place for animals” which explains how you can help animals by making a bequest to World Animal Protection.

Download the World Animal Protection bequest booklet

Suggested wording for a bequest to World Animal Protection

If you would like a copy of the booklet posted to you, or require any further help or information, please contact:

Joanne Meredith
Bequests Manager
T: +61 2 9902 8057
E: JMeredith@worldanimalprotection.org.au  


Your support is vital to the work we do and we thank you for it. We also respect your privacy and assure you that World Animal Protection fully complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

World Animal Protection will not under any circumstances share your legacy information with any other organisations and all correspondence will be dealt with in strictest confidence.