Meet some of the dogs and people you're protecting from rabies in the Philippines


Your support for our rabies vaccination programme is helping us to wipe out rabies right across southern Asia. By protecting dogs from this disease, you are also protecting people, which helps to end the cruel and senseless practice of dog culling.

As someone who has valiantly supported this work, we thought you might like to meet some of the dogs and their grateful owners we recently helped in Cainta, a bustling village that’s part of Metro Manila in the Philippines…

Your support for this ongoing work is vital to our mission to eradicate rabies and save dogs from brutal and unnecessary culling. And like Denita, Cardine and Donna, all of the caring owners we met were so grateful for your help in protecting their animals. We’d like to pass on their thanks for everything you are doing to make the world a safer place for their beloved dogs.

© WorldAnimalProtection/Nacho Hernandez

Cardine, Ryan, Malakas & Wins

“We would wait all day for these vaccinations if we had to,” said Cardine. Her son Ryan adding: “It is always important to try to get dogs vaccinated. Rabies is so bad for dogs.” 

© WorldAnimalProtection/Nacho Hernandez

Denita Gema, Jackie, White and Brownie

Holding Gema closely in her arms, she told us that she was going to make a separate trip for each dog to spare them unnecessary stress. “Bless you all for coming”. 

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