Protecting working animals in Israel

We work in Israel to reduce the abuse and abandonment of working animals, and to improve their treatment and care.

The problem

Many horses, donkeys and mules in Israel are overworked, overloaded, abandoned or abused. Working with our local partner, Pegasus, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused animals – and raise awareness of how to treat working animals with care.  

Working animals are cheap in Israel – so some people see them as disposable.

Working animals are often badly treated. Many riding facilities use unfit and injured animals. And while laws do exist to protect these animals, there are no similar laws in the neighbouring West Bank territories – and mistreated animals frequently cross the border.

Our solution

We use a range of tactics to stop the suffering of working animals in Israel:

  • We work with local partner, Pegasus to rescue abused and abandoned animals
  • We persuade Israeli authorities to take animal welfare seriously
  • We lobby the government to improve animal welfare laws
  • We run public awareness campaigns – including at border crossings – on animal welfare and Israel’s welfare laws
  • We train border officials to recognise abused and unhealthy animals.

Equine welfare: key facts

Cruelty and abandonment is down 60% in some places

Thousands of working animals have now benefited from our work

Pegasus is now the main government adviser on equine welfare, and has a seat on Israel’s animal legislation committee.