Let's end the cruelty of live export

The problem

  • Millions of sheep and cattle suffer unnecessarily during live export because of the unbearable conditions on board ship.
  • Many of the animals that survive the journey are handled roughly at their destination and slaughtered while fully conscious.

The Solution

  • Moving from live export to a chilled and frozen meat trade will protect millions of animals from needless suffering.
  • Independent research shows that this humane alternative will protect Australian farmers, the economy and create new jobs.
  • We believe this alternative is achievable and meets the current economic policy.

What are we doing

  • Our Live Export campaign has been working since 2008 to move Australian government and industry to adopt a more humane alternative.
  • Our research-based solution will not only save sheep and cattle from unnecessary suffering, but will benefit farmers, the economy and create more jobs too.


Help us end live animal export in Australia

Research has shown that there’s a viable and humane alternative to exporting live animals from Australia. But there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the trade that’s keeping it afloat.