Help layer hens. Tell the NSW Agriculture Minister to ban battery cages now

Caged chickens need you to help set them free.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to get chickens out of cages right across Australia.

The Agricultural Ministers will be meeting to discuss a proposed 10 year phase-out of battery cages for layer hens. You can help them make the right decision.

Fill in this form to email NSW Agricultural Minister, Adam Marshall and tell him to support the 10-year phase-out of battery cages. NSW has the most layer hens of any Australian state, so their support is crucial.

Layer hens in battery cages

Image Credit: Animals Liberation

Email NSW Agricultural Minister Adam Marshall now

To the Hon Adam Marshall MP.

I call on you to support the 10 year phase-out of battery cages. Battery cages force chickens to live in a space no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. It restricts their ability to display natural behaviours, causing severe emotional distress. It also leads to serious physical harm including brittle bones and muscle weakness. No animal should be forced to live this way.

Please use your voice to help give these chickens lives worth living. Commit to supporting the proposed 10-year phase-out of cruel battery cages.


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Don’t let Australia fall behind

The proportion of eggs from cage-free housing systems has steadily been growing. Since 2012, cage-free eggs represent the highest value to the egg industry in Australia in terms of grocery sales.

Australian shoppers are purchasing more cage-free eggs. Both the retail and food service sectors are making the switch; with Woolworths, Coles and McDonald’s making cage-free commitments. Since 2012, the European Union, New Zealand and some American states have set new welfare codes that have banned the use of the standard battery cage.

We can’t let Australian hens remain caged. The NSW Government must act now to give layer hens lives worth living.  

Call on Adam Marshall to do the right thing by chickens today. It’s time to ban battery cages.


(Header Image Credit: Animals Liberation)