News: Animals in farming

04 October 2018
Lab-grown meat, or “clean” meat, is meat that is produced by taking a small sample of animal cells and then replicating them outside of an animal. It is set to change the world and will be on supermarket shelves and restaurant tables in the very near future.
03 October 2018
Do you know what suffering sounds like? All day, every day factory-farmed animals are subjected to distressing sounds and sensations. Fast food retailers and supermarkets don't want you to know, but we're exposing the suffering.
07 September 2018
Transitioning our sheep and cattle industries to an exclusively chilled and frozen meat trade would ensure that animals are slaughtered and processed in Australia under our regulations and protected from arduous sea voyages and inhumane slaughter overseas.
10 August 2018
Research has shown that there’s a viable and humane alternative to exporting live animals from Australia. But there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the trade that’s keeping it afloat.