You are creating change for animals abused in the name of entertainment


On World Animal Day (October 4), together we took direct action for animals: creating a movement to help end the suffering of wild animals in entertainment.

Tourism is big business, and wildlife tourism is a huge part of that, with at least four million people visiting wildlife tourist attractions each year – with many completely unaware of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes.

With your support, we are creating real change for wild animals being abused in the name of entertainment.

Together, we have moved over 83 tour operators around the world to stop selling elephant rides and shows, including the world’s biggest operators. This is bringing about real change in the tourism industry to end the suffering of wild elephants in entertainment.

Intrepid Travel who were the first to commit in May last year has told us that: "We're now working with rehabilitation and sanctuary facilities. We hope that the increased patronage to commendable venues like this will encourage others to lift their standards." - Geoff Manchester, Intrepid Travel Co-Founder

We’re also celebrating commitments from a number of other travel companies who sell holidays to Australians including Adventure World, APT Group, Contiki, Creative Holidays, The Travel Corporation and World Expeditions pledging not to sell elephant rides and shows.

 “We’re pleased to work with World Animal Protection to provide our travellers with responsible and humane animal encounters, by pledging not to sell elephant rides or shows in our itineraries”. Neil Rodgers, General Manager Adventure World.

“It’s our obligation to protect animals in tourism from abuse. The best animal encounter a traveller can have is one where the animal is seen in its wild habitat displaying natural behaviours”. Donna Lawrence, Responsible Travel Manager for World Expeditions.

Meanwhile, over 140,000 people, in 140 countries, have signed our global petition, asking one of the biggest global tour operators - Thomas Cook Group - to stop selling cruel elephant rides and shows.

With such overwhelming support, Thomas Cook has said that it will stop selling elephant rides in every market where they operate.  World Animal Protection is holding them to account to make sure that they deliver on this promise.

The momentum is growing, and it’s all thanks to you. But, we need your support more than ever to bring more tour operators and tourists on board to break the chains of suffering.

We need to take elephant rides off Australian travel itineraries this summer. The more people who pledge to be animal friendly tourists, the less demand there will be for cruel animal entertainment and the more the tourism industry will take notice. Please sign the pledge and share with your family and friends, get them to sign the pledge too.