World Elephant Day 2014


August 12th is World Elephant Day, when we recognise the significance of these magnificent animals and how we can help protect them from needless suffering.

The numbers of elephants subjected to cruelty is growing

In parts of Asia and Africa, huge numbers of elephants are being cruelly treated and killed. Majestic African and Asian elephants are regularly poached for their meat and ivory, captured and used as entertainment for tourists and even threatened by local farmers where they impact their land.

We’re answering the need to protect elephants

One of the solutions we use to help protect elephants from cruelty has been running successfully in Tanzania for the last five years.

Elephants living alongside farmland in the Mikumi National Park often eat or crush the crops the farmers rely on for their family’s income. To protect their livelihoods, the farmers react with extreme measures that can kill the elephants, such as poisoning crops or laying snares. 

With the help of our wonderful supporters, we’ve been able to provide simple and practical solutions to protect these elephants and preserve the farmer’s crops. We’ve been showing farmers how to use deterrents like bees and chilli that won’t harm the elephants, and funding loans and savings projects to help farmers pay for these safe solutions.

We want to do more for the elephants

The successful Mikumi project is already spreading to neighbouring communities, but that’s not all we’re doing to help protect elephants from cruelty. 

We’ll be sharing some exciting new ways you can help protect elephants and other wild animals at risk soon, so stay tuned and get ready for action!

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