An update from Vanuatu and Pam the puppy


Tropical Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu on 13 March 2015 with an intensity unseen for 60 years affecting an estimated 399,000 livestock and thousands of companion animals.

We first met Pam the puppy, named after the storm, 10 days after the cyclone had struck. Pam had become sick after eating a poisonous fish that had washed up during the cyclone. She was emaciated, dehydrated, had severe pneumonia and was barely able to lift her head.

In August a team returned to Vanuatu to check on the work done following Cyclone Pam. The scars left by the storm was clear in communities and across the mountains and shoreline. Work is now well underway to rebuild entire villages and restore lives and livelihoods. 

The team made sure to stop to check on Valia, Pam’s owner, and his family.

Steven Clegg, our disaster response team leader, said: “My heart jumped when I saw Pam and how healthy and bright-eyed she looked.  Pam was no longer the weak and small puppy we left behind five months ago.” 

Steven said: “While petting Pam I could also hear happy grunting and clucking sounds nearby and asked how their pigs and chickens were faring.  Valia was one of many farmers that benefited from World Animal Protection’s emergency feed assistance after the cyclone. We were so happy to see that the farmers we visited and provided with emergency food and veterinary not only reduced the suffering of animals, but greatly improved their health and condition.”

We will receive more updates from Valia and his dog Pam as Steven is keen to keep in contact over the coming years. He feels very close to them:

“Pam’s survival was possible thanks to emergency veterinary care, but her strong recovery came from Valia’s love and genuine concern for her welfare.” 

Ellie saved thanks to you

Ellie rescued

Great news! We’re happy to announce that thanks to our supporters, Ellie the dancing bear has been saved from a life of torment.