Training calls on locals to protect animals in bushfires


Animals are often the forgotten victims in bushfires, and World Animal Protection wants to help educate communities on planning ahead to protect their pets and farm animals, as well as helping injured or displaced wildlife during an emergency.

In collaboration with Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, we have released free online training to help the community prepare for bushfires and protect animals.

The training is best suited to those who have little to no experience in assisting injured wildlife and want to learn the basics, which includes how to include your pets and farm animals in an emergency plan, and how to respond after a bushfire. 

Executive Director at World Animal Protection Australia, Simone Clarke said:

“There was an outpouring of compassion for animals during the 2019/2020 summer bushfires, but despite this eager support many were unsure how to best help wildlife and protect their pets and farm animals.

“We know people want to help out on-the-ground, and we hope this training will give them the knowledge to do just that while also building community resilience for future bushfires.”

The training will take participants 15 minutes to complete, as they hear from Dr Stephen Van Mil, Founder and CEO of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, and Dr Bree Talbot, Foundation Vet at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.

This training is made possible by the funds donated to World Animal Protection as part of their international Bushfire Recovery Appeal to support the recovery and rehabilitation of animals impacted by the devastating bushfires in Australia.

We are also funding research into animal emergency preparedness and local wildlife groups, and helping to train more vets to get the skills they need to help wildlife and other animals in emergencies.