Protecting animals in flood-stricken Assam, India


Assam State in India experiences tropical monsoons between April and October each year. This year however the rains were unusually heavy causing widespread flooding, devastating the area in late August and early September putting the lives of tens of thousands of animals at risk.

61% of voters demanded better conditions for animals in 2018, but Walmart would rather keep its supply chain cruel.

Our disaster response team are on the ground talking to farmers, examining cattle and assessing the need.

With your support we were able to quickly set up mobile veterinary camps in six of the worst affected villages. And in just four days our team treated 11,456 animals – caring for their injuries and protecting them from the diseases that flood waters carry. 

Our Disaster Management Veterinary Officer, Dr Naritsorn Pholperm, was on the ground, evaluating the condition of animals in Golaghat district.

So for more than 50 years, we‘ve helped governments and communities prepare for disasters, enabling people to protect animals and rebuild their lives. You can help us lessen the potentially devastating effects of a disaster.