The plight of dogs in the Romania


The issue of stray dogs in Romania has a complicated and dark history. The turmoil caused by war and revolution has resulted in thousands of abandoned dogs left to roam towns and cities, struggling to survive.

Dogs face abuse, disease, starvation and death because they are homeless. Many dogs are abandoned by owner’s who no longer care for them.

While others are born on the streets; at risk from traffic accidents, physical illness, violence from humans, malnutrition and dehydration, and if caught then they are killed or locked up in squalid dog-pounds.

Despite being an ineffective way to manage dog populations, some countries persist in killing dogs. As a result, many thousands of dogs in Europe suffer inhumane capture, fear, pain and death.

To tackle the problem, we are working on the root causes of stray dogs and people’s attitudes towards them.

Sabine Zwiers, European Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection says:

“The situation is serious with thousands of dogs abandoned each year, while more are sadly abused or killed.

“The high population of strays and the cruel, unsanitary condition in which dogs live in the Balkans is in part due to a general lack of knowledge about the welfare of animals. Education is the key to changing people’s behaviour and stopping the puppies and dogs becoming abandoned on the streets.”

World Animal Protection is working with local partners in Romania to find solutions for the problems the countries face with stray dogs.

The main problem is a lack of responsible pet ownership and the need to educate people and communities. The key to prevent abandonment of dogs on the streets is to change the behaviour of owners as well as conducting neutering programmes to help reduce the number of stray dogs.

You can help by urging the new Mayor of Constanța, Romania, to work with us instead of undertaking mass dog culls. Sign our petition today.