Moving animal welfare to the forefront of farming


WAP aims to make positive change for the greatest number of animals exposed to cruelty around the world. The mistreatment of farm animals is one of the greatest animal welfare issues facing us today. Which is why in Australia, our focus is on ending the cruel export of Australian animals for slaughter by calling for a transition to the more humane chilled and frozen meat trade.

Our work to improve the welfare of farm animals across Asia and the Pacific doesn’t end there. WAP has a broader Humane and Sustainable Agriculture programme which aims to ensure that animal welfare is at the forefront of farming and integral to all food production and farming practices.

In China and India we are working to improve conditions for dairy cows and pigs by partnering with professional bodies, government and industry to help guide them towards sustainable farming solutions. With a rapidly developing dairy industry, involving millions of cows in India, imagine the impact for animals if we could ensure that animal welfare is incorporated into all new dairy farms, as well as included in industry guidelines and standards?

In Indonesia, we are working with the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association to introduce more humane practices through education and training for people responsible for the slaughter of local cattle. By developing, improving and standardising training for abattoir workers, we are helping to directly and sustainably improve animal welfare and reduce unnecessary suffering for many local cattle.

For more information on WAP’s work on the welfare of farm animals, visit our website.

Fundraising at a running event


Here are just a few of the sporting events that you can enter in your state and help protect animals around the world.