Mobilising support to save Romanian dogs


In September last year, the Romanian Government approved the mass culling of stray dogs in an attempt to curb the growing canine population. The shocking decision legalised the impounding of any stray dogs and authorised their destruction if not claimed within 14 days.

Although this is an upsetting development, World Animal Protection’s Regional Director for Europe, Ruud Tombrock, confirmed that we’ll continue to meet with Romanian officials to encourage them to adopt more humane solutions.

Working towards a humane solution

In light of this alarming legislation, it’s more important than ever to show that humane solutions are the only successful way to manage dog populations. 

Again, the World Animal Protection community has come together to bring positive change. Your generous donations have allowed us to support a mobile clinic that services impoverished areas of South East Romania where stray dogs are often killed by local people or dumped in other towns. 

The clinic, run by Save the Dogs, will neuter 600 owned dogs and promote responsible pet ownership throughout the community. Every dog that’s sterilised brings us one step closer to our goal.

We’ll also be partnering with Save the Dogs to convince the Romanian Government that there are better ways of controlling the canine population than the indiscriminate killing of many thousands of dogs every year.