It's never too late to make a resolution for animals


The New Year is a time to make changes, but resolutions can be difficult to stick to. Whether or not you've kept to your commitments so far, it's never too late to help move the world for animals

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives. But you can help stop this needless cruelty.

Every year, billions of animals worldwide suffer needlessly. Chickens are factory farmed in appalling conditions, stray dogs are culled in misguided attempts to tackle rabies, and elephants are beaten so they will take tourists for rides.

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives. But you can help stop this needless cruelty by supporting a campaign, making small lifestyle changes, or asking simple questions.

Here are five great ways you can help us make a difference for animals with us in 2017

1. Create change for chickens

Forced to live in horrific conditions, billions of chickens across the world experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives. We believe industry can help change this, so we’re challenging KFC to commit to criteria which will see slower growing birds with more space, litter and natural light to allow for a better quality of life. Support our campaign to create Change for chickens.

2. Give whales a voice

Whales don't have a voice, but you can lend them yours. Japan continues to unlawfully and inhumanely hunt of whales in the Southern Ocean. Ask Japan’s Ambassador to Australia to convey your firm opposition to Japan’s scientific whaling program back to his government.

3. Don’t support entertainment that harms wild animals 

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animal lives. You can be part of the solution by pledging to be an animal friendly traveller.

4. Help us protect more animals

Last year, you helped us protect more than 100 million animals.

You can help us achieve even more by pledging a monthly gift. Your donation could help fund groundbreaking investigations and research that exposes animal suffering, save animals affected by natural disasters, or support campaigns that force change for animals.

5. Keep up to date and help spread the word

Learn more about animals, the latest issues that impact them and what we’re doing to move the world to protect animals by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

How will you commit to help animals in 2017?