The Frocks rock with a fundraising gig

14 November 2014

Our wonderful supporters find all kinds of amazing ways to help protect animals. Aussie girl band, The Frocks, generously donated the net proceeds of a recent gig!

The Frocks are known for their commitment to the wellbeing of animals. Lead singer and manager Maria Temelkos is a vet nurse herself, and the whole band is passionate about protecting animals. They take every opportunity to broaden their knowledge, influence and contributions to the cause, and bring the message that animals matter to a wide community.

We were delighted that the girls were eager to raise vital funds for animals through such a fun night. They’re big fans of fundraisers and it gave them an opportunity to bring together Frock fans with others passionate about animal issues.

We’re very grateful for their amazing support!

If you’d like to run a fundraising event to help protect the world’s animals, download our helpful fundraising guide.