Five years on: Minister of Environment thanks you for helping the animals of Haiti


In January 2010, you helped to form the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH), and to treat over 70,000 animals in need, in the aftermath of the earthquake.

You helped to vaccinate people’s pets against spreading disease, to rebuild the National Veterinary Laboratory, and to train local vets on how to respond if disaster struck again.

Your support is ensuring animals who are affected by disasters can be reached by a disaster response team. You are bringing relief to animals, and hope to the people who love and depend on them.

This message is for you:

"Today was a very, very sad day in Haiti......five years after mother nature gave us such tremendous punishment, warm celebrations were organised in honour of the victims and a memorial has been erected at the place where thousands of human bodies were buried.

The memory and the data will always exist about a group of people wearing T-shirts with an "ARCH" logo working hard to bring relief to those companion beings which were also shocked, caught by surprise and unable to express their feelings in human words.

Neither I nor the animals will ever stop being grateful with the ARCH Coalition, mainly enforced by WSPA's (now World Animal Protection) engagement.

Today, five years later, we say thanks and thanks again, wishing you could extend our feelings to those animal lovers and protectors who were there with us."

-Jean Francois Thomas, Minister of Environment, Haiti

You can help us to protect even more by joining us in 2015, as together we move people to take action for animals.

Thank you.