Elephant kills trainer with tourists on its back in Thailand

17 November 2014

Reports that an elephant has killed its mahout with two tourists on its back are a tragic reminder that elephants are wild animals, not meant to be used in entertainment.

A life in tourist entertainment is no life for an elephant. They’re forced to endure cruel and intensive training to make them perform and to interact with people, chained and denied interaction with other elephants, and living their whole lives in captive conditions that cannot meet their needs.

Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes in wild animal entertainment. Since August, over 11,000 Australians have pledged to be animal friendly tourists in our campaign to protect elephants and other animals suffering for entertainment.

Wild animals belong in the wild. Our advice therefore is simple: If you love wild animals, view them in their natural habitats.

Go to before they book to learn more about World Animal Protection’s campaign and how to stop the cruelty facing wild animals in entertainment.