Creating a better world for dogs in Africa


No matter where you go in the world, dogs live side by side with people. Some dogs are free-roaming, others are lifelong companions, working animals and guard dogs. Regardless of their role, dogs, like all animals, deserve to live a life without suffering.

Sadly this is not always the case, with hundreds of thousands of dogs across the world, from Asia to Africa, being inhumanely killed, in a misguided attempt to control dog populations and stop the spread of disease, such as rabies.

Across continents, country by country, together we are moving governments and communities to protect and respect dogs.

Real and lasting change is already happening for dogs across Asia and in Zanzibar; with the introduction of mass vaccination programmes, the only proven way to stop the spread of rabies, and humane ways to manage dog populations.

With your support, this success is now being repeated in Kenya. Kenya, like in many parts of Africa, had resorted to cruel dog culling, in the mistaken belief this can control dog populations and stop the spread of disease.

But change is happening in Africa; with the Kenyan government being one of the first to establish a pilot vaccination programme, in Makueni County, with a view to rolling this out Africa wide. The pilot programme has meant that 8400 dogs have now been vaccinated here, protecting them against rabies and from being cruelly culled.

If you have already supported our recent appeal then thank you very much. You are helping us prove to African Governments that humane solutions work, by ending inhumane culling, and introducing humane and effective ways to manage dog populations.

But, while dogs are still at risk of being brutally killed across Africa and worldwide, we need your support more than ever to help keep man’s best friend safe. If you have yet to donate then it’s not too late to make a real difference to the lives of dogs and people. Please donate today to help vulnerable dogs tomorrow.