Be a hero for dogs – yours and others around the world


What would we do without dogs? They are our best friends and a cherished part of our families. Your dog may be well looked-after and loved, but sadly not all dogs are as fortunate.

With your support, we’ve provided one million rabies vaccinations to protect dogs across Asia and Africa. Mass vaccinations not only protect against rabies, they also prevent the unnecessary killing of dogs.

To celebrate the milestone, we asked a few friends to tell us what dogs mean to them. 

You can show your support for dogs around the world by uploading a photo of your dog (or a dog you love) to our community page. By uploading a photo, your dog could win a gift bag kindly donated by Rufus & Coco. 

Together we can create better lives for a million more dogs. 

Meet Bruno: One lucky dog

Meet Bruno: One lucky dog

Bruno, a happy and lively puppy, is one of the lucky dogs receiving a rabies vaccination, as World Animal Protection celebrates issuing one million vaccination.