22,000 people have stood up against dolphin cruelty


Thank you to the more than 22,000 people across Australia and New Zealand who signed our petition calling on the Queensland Government to ban captive breeding at Sea World on the Gold Coast.

Thank you for standing up for vulnerable animals and for helping ensure this is the last generation of dolphins in captivity.

Sea World is one of the largest captive dolphin venues in the world with 80% of its dolphin population captive bred. The Queensland Government regulates the number of dolphins Sea World can keep in captivity.

What we’re asking for

In March, we wrote to the Queensland Government and Sea World asking them to stop breeding captive dolphins and start working on a sea sanctuary.

Given public opinion is turning against keeping dolphins captive for entertainment, Sea World must stop breeding to prevent another generation spending up to 50 years in captivity.

We delivered your petition to the Queensland Government on 23 October, sending a resounding message that captive dolphin breeding is unacceptable and that you demand change.

It’s time for the Queensland Government to show some leadership and do the right thing.

Unfortunately, the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, Mark Furner, ignored our request to meet. But this won’t stop us working to make this the last generation of dolphins bred for entertainment at Sea World.

Together we can end captive dolphin suffering!

The life of a captive dolphin

Simply put, a lifetime in captivity is no life at all for dolphins. It’s a life sentence.

Dolphins are wild animals, not entertainers.

In the wild, dolphins travel vast distances, dive deep into the ocean for food and live in large social groups. But captive dolphins are held in tiny, barren, chlorinated tanks where they can only swim a few metres.

No manmade facility can ever simulate their natural environment and give these wild animals the lives they deserve – lives worth living.

We’re also urging travel companies and airlines to stop promoting and selling tickets to captive dolphin venues such as Sea World that continue to breed dolphins for entertainment.

Thank you for standing up for vulnerable animals and for helping ensure this is the last generation of dolphins in captivity.

(Header Image Credit: Digital Visions)

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