Dolphins in captivity have nothing to smile about

Up to 50 years in captivity is no life at all for intelligent, social dolphins. They often look like they are smiling, but this is just the shape of their face.

Expedia Group wants you to think that dolphins in captivity are happy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the wild, they roam 100 kilometres a day and dive deeply. Captive dolphins spend a lifetime in small, barren, often chlorinated tanks. It’s a life of boredom and confinement.

An industry based on lies

The multi-billion dollar captive dolphin industry wants you to think dolphins enjoy their confinement. They rely on a quirk of nature – the shape of a dolphins’ face – and years of misinformation.

Captive dolphins are living miserable lives in the name of profit.

Act now

Map of Sea World Gold Coast dolphin roaming area

Tell Expedia Group to end this cruelty

Dolphin parks only exist because they are profitable. We must end that, so no more dolphins are forced to endure this awful existence.

Companies like Expedia Group, Flight Centre, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Helloworld Travel sell tickets to these shows are cashing in on cruelty.

Expedia Group offer tickets to dolphin shows and attractions that profiting from the suffering of 500 dolphins in captivity at 32 entertainment venues across the globe, including Sea World on the Gold Coast.

Sign our petition asking Expedia Group to stop selling, offering or promoting any dolphin shows or experiences.

Sign our Expedia Group petition

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Our global movement

Right now, there are more than 3,000 dolphins all over the world suffering in captivity

We want this to be the last generation of dolphins who must endure this.

If you believe in our vision, please sign our petition to Expedia Group and add your voice to the growing movement fighting for better lives for animals.

Together, we can end this cruelty.

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