Demand better environmental protection for Australian animals

Australian animals need you to take a stand and demand better environmental protection today!

The review period for Australia’s environmental legislation, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 has just concluded, however, you can still help by signing on to our open letter to the Environment Minister the Hon Sussan Ley. You can be a voice for native Australian animals who need stronger protection.

Demand better protection

Over the summer bushfires devastated our country, killing more than 1 billion animals. This shocking loss of animal life left several precious species closer to extinction. The loss of habitat has also caused widespread suffering with many animals left without adequate shelter from the weather and predators.

The bushfire crisis highlighted the vulnerability of our native wildlife and their habitats, however, the damage caused by the bushfires presents only one challenge. Widespread land clearing and habitat destruction has been an ongoing challenge for many years. Australia’s national environmental laws aren’t doing enough to ensure animals and their habitats are protected. This makes them even more vulnerable when disasters strike. That’s why we need your help to demand better protection now. 

A koala at Hunter Wildlife, Australia

Image Credit: Hunter Wildlife Rescue