Be an animal-friendly traveller

Here are our list of Dos and Don’ts to prepare yourself for an animal friendly holiday:

  1. See wild animals in the wild - ensuring you are always keep a safe distance.
  2. Visit a genuine wildlife reserve or sanctuary, making sure there isn’t direct contact between visitors and animals and animals are rescued not bred in captivity.
  3. Buy locally produced, environmentally sustainable souvenirs that are free from animal products. It will support local communities and contributes to the conservation of animals and their natural habitats.
  4. Visit a nature conservation project or volunteer at one. By planting trees for example, you help contributing to the conservation of elephant and orangutan habitats.
  5. Take part in active eco tours where nature and wildlife are not disturbed.
  6. Speak up when something does not feel right! If you see animal cruelty, please report this to the local authorities or a local animal welfare organisation.

 As a good rule of thumb: if you can ride, hug or have a selfie with a wild animal, then it’s cruel, so don’t do it.

Book with an animal-friendly travel company

Nearly 200 travel companies have committed to ending the sale and promotion of venues that offer elephant entertainment, such as rides and shows.

We are working with tour operators like World Expeditions and Intrepid Travel who are committed to animal friendly holidays.

To help end the suffering of wild animals held captive in Bali’s tourism industry, click here.