An Independent Office of Animal Welfare

The problem

  • Research shows the Australian Government is trailing behind countries like New Zealand and the UK on its national commitment to animal welfare – as a consequence Australian animals are suffering.
  • Cruel practices such as the use of sow stalls, battery cages, and body mutilations without pain relief are still legal and common practice.
  • While Australian people and business are seeking animal welfare improvements: in 2013 our government defunded national frameworks for animal welfare and stepped away from its leadership and coordination role.
  • Without national leadership, community consultation and balanced dialogue, progress on animal welfare will not only stall, but could go backwards.

The solution 

  • We are calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.
  • We have an opportunity to create a better life for the millions of animals in our care. We need the government to provide leadership and re-establish national frameworks to drive progress and reform.
  • The introduction of a dedicated Independent Office for Animal Welfare: to advise, consult, lead and coordinate our country, states, territories, and communities, to better protect and care for our animals - will help to give Australian animals the future they deserve.

What are we doing?

  • We are leading a movement calling on the government to step up, lead and coordinate efforts to better protect and care for Australian animals.
  • Together we are lobbying for every major party to commit to the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.
  • We have produced a report highlighting the need for national frameworks.

What can I do?

Write you your local MP and show your support for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.