An Independent Office of Animal Welfare

The problem

  • Research shows the Australian Government is trailing behind countries like New Zealand and the UK on its national commitment to animal welfare – as a consequence Australian animals are suffering.
  • Cruel practices such as the use of sow stalls, battery cages, and body mutilations without pain relief are still legal and common practice.
  • While Australian people and business are seeking animal welfare improvements: in 2013 our government defunded national frameworks for animal welfare and stepped away from its leadership and coordination role.
  • Without national leadership, community consultation and balanced dialogue, progress on animal welfare will not only stall, but could go backwards.

The solution 

  • We are calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.
  • We have an opportunity to create a better life for the millions of animals in our care. We need the government to provide leadership and re-establish national frameworks to drive progress and reform.
  • The introduction of a dedicated Independent Office for Animal Welfare: to advise, consult, lead and coordinate our country, states, territories, and communities, to better protect and care for our animals - will help to give Australian animals the future they deserve.

What are we doing?

  • We are leading a movement calling on the government to step up, lead and coordinate efforts to better protect and care for Australian animals.
  • Together we are lobbying for every major party to commit to the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.
  • We have produced a report highlighting the need for national frameworks.

What can I do?

Write you your local MP and show your support for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

The Australian community expects better for our animals

*National Galaxy opinion poll commissioned March 2016

It’s no surprise over 41,000 Australians have signed our petition calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

As a nation of farmers, producers and animal lovers, our awareness and expectations of good animal welfare are ever growing. Business, retailers and consumers are demanding, and recognising the benefits of better animal welfare standards.

“The current piecemeal, state and industry based approach [to animal welfare] lacks cohesion, consistency, and objective scientific underpinning, and is in need of significant reform if it is to serve both the industry and the community.” – Executive Director Australian Farm Institute

A lack of national leadership on animal welfare not only impacts the community and business, it results in the direct suffering of animals.

For example, while Canada, New Zealand and the EU, have banned conventional, barren battery cages for laying hens, no such national standard is in place to protect the 16.9 million laying hens here in Australia.

Want to see how Australia compares internationally? Check out our Animal Protection Index.

World Animal protection is calling for renewed national frameworks for animal welfare. This view is supported by industry, the Australian Veterinary Association and all leading animal protection organisations.

Australia is home to over 76 million sheep, 29 million cattle, 99 million chickens, 2 million pigs, not to mention companion animals and more. It is our responsibility to protect and care for these animals.

A dedicated, Independent Office of Animal Welfare would focus on the improvement of welfare standards and practices for all Australian animals. It would provide a forum for debate between the community, producers and government in the setting of new standards to prevent animal cruelty.